Bound Art Book Fair


Bound Art Book Fair returned bigger and better than ever to the Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester, from 29-30 October 2022, with opening parties at Village & The Peer Hat on 28th October.

Featuring over 60 of the best and most exciting art and photography publishers from the UK and further afield, hosted in our usual space of the South Gallery and additionally The Grand Hall.

To complement the fair we have pulled together an extended, free public programme of talks and workshops presented by Yushi Li, Nigel Shafran, Edd Carr, Stephanie Francis-Shanahan & many more.

Opening hours:

Saturday 29 October: 10am-5pm

Sunday 30 October: 10am-4.30pm


Bound Art Book Fair: Five Northern Book Publishers to Put on your Radar (AnOther)


  • 01706 - UK
  • 20k and a dead sheep - UK
  • ABC [Artists’ Books Cooperative] - UK
  • Abingdon Studios - UK
  • Ache - UK
  • Baron - UK
  • Brise-glace - UK/Canada
  • Bronze Age - UK
  • Carolina Sepúlveda - UK
  • Ceremony Press - UK
  • Cillian Finnerty - UK/Ireland
  • Common Threads Press - UK
  • COPY - UK
  • Corridor8 - UK
  • Death of workers whilst building skyscrapers - UK
  • DR.ME & Waiting Room Press - UK
  • Duende Print - UK
  • Fanfare - UK
  • Folium - UK
  • Foolscap Editions - UK
  • FORMA Editions - UK
  • Good Press - UK
  • Guest Editions - UK
  • GULP - UK
  • Hannah Platt & Emma Bentley Fox - UK
  • Holly Eliza Temple - UK
  • James Robinson - UK
  • James Unsworth - UK
  • Jessie Churchill - UK
  • Khabar Keslan Magazine - Lebanon
  • MACK - UK
  • Morley House - UK
  • OBOUT * - UK
  • Occasional Papers - UK
  • Out Of Place Books - UK
  • Oval Press - UK
  • Palomino - UK
  • Peste - UK
  • Prototype - UK
  • Ruby Beard - UK
  • Salt n pepper - UK
  • SEEN Magazine - UK
  • Set Margins' publishing - Netherlands
  • Shy Bairns - UK
  • Stephanie Francis-Shanahan - UK
  • Sweet Tooth Zine - UK
  • Taxi Cab Industries - UK
  • Terra Firma Magazine - UK
  • The Lemming - UK
  • the modernist - UK
  • The Ragga Press - UK
  • theretherenow - USA
  • Tommy Sussex - UK
  • TRACE Editions + Never Done Press - UK
  • Umbrella publishing - UK
  • Velocity Press - UK
  • Village - UK
  • Worms - UK
  • ZONE6 - UK

Public Programme


6-9pm Offsite at VILLAGE

Screw X Village Exhibition Launch


Village Books, Oldham Street, M4 1LN / / / @screwgallery

10pm-4am Offsite at The Peer Hat

Bound Art Book Fair 2022 Launch Party

Peer Hat, Faraday Street, M1 1BE




lowkey: Kevin Hunt and Matt Retallick in conversation

Artist Kevin Hunt and curator/art historian Matt Retallick discuss Kevin’s newly published book (lowkey) - an extension of the artist's recent solo exhibition of the same name at KARST in Plymouth, which was curated by Retallick. Intermittently during Bound Art Book Fair, Kevin’s own writing - published for the first time in (lowkey) - will be read by many different people in different spaces within the Whitworth. These texts, like scripts, are designed to be spoken aloud; this will be their debut.

@sculptureartman / @matt_retallick


Panel Discussion: SEEN Magazine

SEEN is a new music magazine founded by three Manchester-based music industry professionals: Tunde Adekoya, Kamila Rymajdo and Balraj Samrai. SEEN present a panel discussion with the founders and writers Tayyab Amin and Santina Robinson, whose work features in Issue One. / @seen_universe


Workshop: What is collective joy? with Stephanie Francis-Shanahan

Stephanie Francis-Shanahan is an artist and self publisher. This workshop explores what collective joy is and how important it can be. You will be able to decorate postcards with quotes from key texts on the topic that will be collected and sent on to you after the fair for you to spread some joy! :) / @tobycarveryprincessxoxo


Keynote speaker: Nigel Shafran

British photographer Nigel Shafran's work delves into self-motivated projects, commercial commissions (including i-D and The Face) and teaching. His work is held in prestigious institutions around the world and covers a wide spectrum of photographic approaches. His most recent publications from Loose Joints, ‘The Well’, highlights his sharp yet sensitive eye in the context of his work on commercial and fashion briefs, bringing a kitchen sink social documentary style and irreverent personality to the pages of some of the industry's biggest publications.


Reading: Daniella Watson Hughes

Conceived, delivered and received in the bloom of pestilence, of absence and abstinence, HOW PAM FELT BEFORE PAM FLED (Nuts and Bolts Publishing) is an entity with intent. It is a collection of short stories and art writing fragments concerning the characters Pam & Sam, with accompanying drawings by Joanne Robertson, an artist and musician based in Glasgow. Daniella will be reading from the new publication at various locations around Whitworth Park; search and see…



Workshop: Kat Wood

Artist Kat Wood presents a workshop on the process of cyanotype printing, using archival and found images of rural political movements. The workshop will explore the perception of the British countryside and the popular myth of the rural idyll, alongside experimenting with alternative printing techniques. / @_kwood___


Yushi Li in conversation with Matthew Holroyd of Baron Books

Yushi Li discusses her debut book, Baroness by Yushi Li, published by Baron, which presents a journey of desire, fantasy and looking, through a photographic study of the male body. The talk will be followed by a book signing of Li’s new book. Baron is a book publishing house, based in London, exploring sex, gender and sexuality through a fine art, fashion and photography lens.

@yushilii / / @baron_books

5:30-8pm Offsite at VILLAGE

Book Launch: Kind is Cool by Stephanie Francis-Shanahan & Clem Macleod

Village Books, Oldham Street, M4 1LN /

5:30-7:30pm Offsite at Pesté

Book Launch: HOW PAM FELT BEFORE PAM FLED by Daniella Watson Hughes

Pesté {AD England}, Oldham Road, M4 5EB


8-11pm Offsite at Pesté

Fanfare Soundtrack Exhibition

Pesté {AD England}, Oldham Road, M4 5EB

@ad_england /



Artist talk: The Sustainable Darkroom with Edd Carr

Photography, as a product of mass consumption, is embroiled in a legacy of toxic materials. Whether it is silver waste in analogue, or mounds of digital microchips - photography is ripe for ecological transformation. Edd Carr will talk about the work with his organisation, The Sustainable Darkroom, in shaping a new ecological future for photography. / @_eddcarr_ / @sustainabledarkroom


Artist talk: David O'Mara

For his talk David will give an overview of his underlying concepts and ideas which involves documenting his daily life as a painter and decorator. Bookmaking has played a central role in O’Mara’s process which he will expand upon in his talk.



Workshop: The Sustainable Darkroom

Join Edd Carr for a workshop exploring light sensitive pigments found in plants and how they can be used to make biodegradable photographic images and learn a brief history of Anthotypes within digital processes. / @_eddcarr_ / @sustainabledarkroom


Abu’l Hadid vs the Computer: the Rise and Fall of Arabic Sign Calligraphy

Rami Abu Shakra and Ben Rejali discuss independent publishing in Beirut and their work, Abu’l Hadid vs the Computer, an interview and archival project examining the changing face of Arabic design and the gradual decline of Beirut’s traditional street calligraphers whose work adorns the city’s signs. Presented by Khabar Keslan, a critical review featuring art and critique based in Beirut, Lebanon. / @khabarkeslan


Totally Wired: The Rise and Fall of the Music Press, with Paul Gorman

Totally Wired by journalist Paul Gorman is the definitive story of the music press on both sides of the Atlantic, tracing the rise and fall of the creatively fertile media sector from the 1950s to the 2000s, and tackling head-on the entrenched sexism and racism faced by women and people from marginalised backgrounds by shining a spotlight on those publications and individuals whose contributions have often been unfairly overlooked.